Pedicure Services

1. Silver Pedicure  
Soak your tired feet into our powerful pipeless spa. Rest your back on our tension reliever massage chair. The service will start with a nail trim and shaping, cuticle grooming, callus removing, gentle with sugar scrub, lotion massage and finish with polish or natural buff.
2. Gold Pedicure  

Choose one of Gold pedicure:
– Aroma spa
– On Sen spa
– Pearl spa
-Chamomile spa

Pampering your feet in the state of luxurious foot spa: 
* Soak in
Citrus & Honey essence and luxuriate in aromatherapy.
* Gently massage with Honey Scrub
over feet and legs; exfoliating the impurities, unveiling youthful skin.
* Lather the mask over legs and feet, savoring the tingling sensation.
* Warm towels wrap with stones massage.
* Generously massage feet and legs with cream, soothing the tired muscles.
*Finish by applying the blended butter, Rich hydration leaves the skin and senses refreshed and

3. Diamond Pedicure  
This treatment comes with Four OPI essences:
– Lavender
– Tropical
– Orange
– Green Tea
Lavish feet soothing, smoothing attention. Diamond spa pedicure by OPI
system exfoliating and hydrating so you can give your shoes the feet they deserve. Finishing
touches for Diamond pedicure is to give toes and heels extra-special paraffin hot wax treatment.
4. Royal Pedicure  
Pampering your feet to experience the Best of Vintage spa; Benefits includes:
– Marine Mineral Bath
* Stimulating Mineral bend soften skin, deodorizers and reduces
– Marine salt scrub
* Uplifting scrub that gently polishes and
conditions the skin, creates a healthy glow.
– Marine cooling
* Hydrating sea extracts,
conditioning Mineral clay, soothing botanicals soften and exhilarate skin.
– Marine Hydrating oil
* Hydrating oil glides across skin, leaving behind non-greasy moisture and light
Followed with our most experienced work, this treatment comes with warm towels
wrap, gentle hot stones massage of legs & feet with Marine hydrating oil to increase
circulation and help prevent dry, chapped skin while maintaining soft silkiness, then apply
paraffin wax to relieve stressed, damaged feet and finishing with polish of your choice.

Nail Care

* Full set (clear)  
Refill (pink)  
* Full set (white tip)  
Refill (pink)  
* Solar tip design  
Refill (pink)  
* Solar (pink & white)  
Refill (pink)  
* Solar full color  
Refill (same color)  
* Manicure Shellac  
* Shellac (only)  
* Gel Take Off  
* Powder Take Off  
* Color change (foot or hands)  
* Paraffin & hot stones  



Manicure Services

1. Sliver Manicure  
Our most popular treatment, starting with reshaping of nails, cuticle grooming
followed with a silky lotion flex hand massage and tantalizing hot towel.
2. Gold Manicure  
* Clay mask
* Oil therapy
Tension relaxation treatment which includes: Clay mask, warm
towels, oil massage therapy that help restore a more youthful appearance.
3. Diamond Manicure  
* Oil Scrub
* Green Tea Masque
* White Tea lotion
Pampering yourself… The service will start with a trimming, shaping, cuticle grooming, gentle with oil scrub exfoliating away dead skin cells, Green Tea masque with warm towels wrap maintaining soft silkiness, hot stones massage with White Tea lotion, finish with polish or natural buff.
4. Royal Manicure  
Maintaining your healthy hands with CND system: First applying Marine scrub to remove all dead skin cell, Marine clay mask warp with warm towels to relieve symptoms of stress, muscle tension, rheumatic, skin inflammation, then soaking your fingers in warm water with Marine Sea Salt; Shaping, cleaning cuticle the followed by lower arms and hand massage Marine hydrating oil with hot stones to increase circulation and help prevent dry, chapped skin, the paraffin hot wax, finish with Marine lotion massage and polish of your choice.


European Facial


Renew your skin’s radiant youthfulness and reduce brown spot & dark pigments;
Cleanses Impurities with brightening hibiscus. The power of plants scrubs remove all dead skin cells and impurities while advanced nylon micro-spheres gentle smoothen and soften your skin.

Rose water toning spritz 100% Organic to help visibly tighten pores and remove the last traces of makeup, skin feels smoother, fresh & prepared for moisturizing. Oceanic Mineral mask help down out deep-rooted impurities and oil without over-drying softer & smoother. Ionic clay mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and evens out your skin stone for that young, beauty look.


Benefits include:

1 – Cleansing Foam Wash
2 – Mineral Scrub
3 – Extract acne
4 – Rosewater Toner
5 – Clay mask
Finishing touches with head and shoulder massage.