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💕 In order to effectively minimize any damage to your natural nails, our nail professionals have a few at-home removal tips to share that will come in handy if you’re ever in a bind.

👉Things You Will Need*Acetone*Nail clippers*Nail buffer or file*Cotton balls or pads*Aluminum Foils*Petroleum jelly👉 Step by Step Process:

✅Clip the fake nails as short as possible

✅File away the top coat, nail polish or any color to avoid creating any mess or get your hands full of color.

✅Apply petroleum jelly on the skin surrounding the cuticles. Now, soak the cotton pads in acetone and place it on your nails.

✅Tear a piece of aluminum and wrap it over the cotton pad or ball so that it stays in place.

✅Wait for 15-20 min.

✅Pull the aluminum foil gently and the fake nail should come off with it.

If you feel resistance, keep it wrapped for some more time.

👉Important Tips And Precautions To Be Followed While Removing Fake Nails

💥 Make sure there is no fire around you, as acetone is highly flammable.

💥 This process usually takes longer. So have patience and be seated in a place in which you can stay comfortably for a while.

💥 After you remove your fake nails, wait at least a week to let your real nails restore some balance before putting on the next pair of fake nails.

👍 Now with all the tips and tricks, you can forget about the pains of removing them and do not have to be a pro to pull these off.

👍 Do tell us if you found this article helpful and share with us if you know any more such methods to remove acrylic nails, in the comment section below.We look forward to seeing you all again soon! ❤️